Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eight Hours in Taipei

So what is there to do at the Taipei Airport? You can get sit in one of these leather recliners in the "Zen style stress free massage zone".
You can check out the national park like display. If you get tired of walking, your dad will push you around in one of these cute little luggage carts. (By the way, luggage carts seem to be free everywhere but in America.)

Here's the little forest in Terminal D.

The traditional house? Looks like we're in Micronesia!

Matt and Maya posing in traditional garb.

You can say hi to Mickey, Minnie and Winnie the Pooh in this Disney playground.

If you fall off the slide and bonk your head, you can go to the nursing station.

If they tell you you are beyond help, you can go to the prayer room!

What does a family with a 2 year old do while waiting out an 8 hour layover in Taipei? Whatever they do best, of course! You guessed it: walking, eating, and sight seeing. We didn't even have to leave the airport to sight see. They brought it all to us!
Maya loved walking on the moving walkways. She had so much fun that she didn't even nap the whole time! In fact, she only fell asleep the last 15 minutes of our flight from Hanoi to Taipei, which was a 2.5 hour flight. But she made up for it on the way from Taipei to Seattle. She slept the first 9 out of 11 hours. Halleluja!
Now we are in yet another new hotel room, trying to convince her that it's 1:30 am here when her body says it's 3:41 pm in Hanoi! If nothing else, maybe we'll get lucky and she'll nap for 3 hours, wake us up at 5am and Matt will be back on his old schedule!

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StaceynCorey said...

Oh, how wonderful that she slept 9 whole hours! Glad to hear that you're almost home. That time zone difference certainly takes time to adjust to, especially for our little ones.