Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quick Post

This is what I call double dipping!  (Check out Matt's fake Oakleys)
Okay you Botany majors:  What kind of trees are these?
Some of the trees dip down into the lake.
I like to feed myself yogurt (before photo)
(and after photo.)  Mom finally found the suitcase compartment with the bibs but they totally cramp my style.

This will be a quick post since I am once again back in the lobby.  This time of the Rising Dragon Hotel.  Our fabulous new hotel was booked in advance for tonight and we knew there was a chance that we might have to move for one night.  So here we are at a different hotel but only for one night.  Then we will be back in fresh fruit plate, complimentary coffee, awesome internet connection, koi pond, elegant lobby heaven for the rest of our stay.

We spent the morning moving.  Then, bun cha on the street.  There was a cat walking around which terrified Maya but she will have to get used to all kinds of critters when we get back home.  Then, a leisurely walk around the park, our daily ice cream ration from Fanny's, and back to the hotel for afternoon nap.  It was a little harder without a crib in the room.  She is used to sleeping in a crib and settles right down with minimal fuss.   Now that we are all sleeping in one big bed, she thinks it's playtime and takes longer to settle down.

I just went for a walk around the block while waiting for a computer to be free.  I saw a young man around the corner who makes rubber stamps.  He has different designs that he customizes. I started learning oriental brush painting over the winter.  I thought it would be fun to have my own stamp for my paintings.  I chose one with bamboo and a lotus blossom, and another with just lotus blossoms.  He will have them ready  for me tomorrow.

Sometimes when Matt and I are out and about I think of things to put in my blog but then forget when I am actually blogging.  The other day while eating out I remembered about the nuoc maum.  Nuoc maum is fish sauce that Vietnamese people eat with everything.  We noticed that they always put soy sauce on the table, we never saw any nuoc maum.  I told Matt when I was traveling with Ly and Bill, we got nuoc maum all the time.  Finally, I realized that they don't give it to foreigners unless you ask for it!  
Matt said he is going to get me one of those little tape recorders to put in my pocket so whenever I think of something to blog about, I pull it out of my pocket and speak into the recorder.   He is amused by my new addiction communication technology.  Now I will see if I can figure out how to upload photos from my Cruzer since I don't have the laptop in the lobby:). If not, I'll have to send the IT man down and HE will have to learn how to BLOG!
PS:  I did all by myself!

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suea said...

I have enjoyed your blog so much, watching Maya begin to bloom with all her new experiences and Matthew going from a tired looking Dr. with a black eye to a more rested, smiling tourist!

And Irene, Angelina doesn't have anything on you!

Sue Augustus