Monday, May 19, 2008

Success at the US Embassy!

We passed Musical Instrument Street on our way to lunch today.

Bun cha for lunch. Look at that big pile of lettuce and herbs! If you look closely, you can see the ice cube in Matt's beer. He is now immune to the ice cubes!
Here's a typical example of the power lines that can be seen on every street in Hanoi.

Maya with her entourage at Quan An Ngom. This was only half of them. We have given up on not letting the staff take the baby. It's futile. This way, we get to eat our meal, Maya is not confined to our table, and they love babies, C'est la vie!

Today we spent the afternoon at the US Embassy, applying for Maya's visa. We were expecting to have to come back in two days to pick it up. Instead, they had us wait there for two hours and it was done. That was the last beaurocratic hurdle before we could bring Maya home. So now we are done.

The two friends were happy to see each other again. They had a wonderful time playing while we waited. Maya fed Kiet cheerios and stole his sippy cup every chance she could. Maybe she's ready to give up the bottle. Elizabeth suggested that we get her a doll since she enjoys taking care of Kiet so much. They were so tired and punchy from missing their naps that they literally staggered around like a couple of drunks. It was very funny to watch.

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