Sunday, May 4, 2008

Last Grown Up Night in Vietnam!

Here's my still life composition of bananas and mangosteen. Is my obsession with food that obvious?
For our last grown up night we splurged at a fancy Vietnamese restaurant called Hoi An. Colonial architecture, traditional folk music and delicious food. We started the meal off with green papaya salad.

For the main course I ordered braised shrimp in clay pot, steamed rice and rau muong stir fried with garlic. The waiter liked me because tourists don't order rau muong. It's kind of Vietnamese peasant food. Like greens are in the Southern United States.

For dessert I ordered bananas flambe. I just now noticed that I forgot to flip the picture. It takes forever to upload photos onto Blogger so you will all have crank your necks sideways. The young man flambe-ing our bananas is a trainee. Our hostess said he did very well for his first time. I said "Yes, he still has his eyebrows." She laughed and said the first time she did it she singed her bangs.

Well, we have a big day tomorrow so I'm off to bed. It's 11pm in Vietnam, 8am in Homer, Alaska. Next post: photos of Maya!

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