Monday, May 26, 2008

Sleep Deprived in Seattle

We got to our hotel room around midnight on Friday. Maya fell asleep around 2am. I was hoping for a three hour nap (since it was daytime in VN). She slept until 10am! I thought, well, I guess we've got the day/night flip/flop worked out! All I have to do is keeping her up today and we're golden!

We picked Sarah up at the airport at 3pm, then headed to the Vore-Ronda house for a dinner party. Mike and Amy had loaned us a portable crib and an awesome carseat that converts into a stroller! She felt comfortable in their house almost right away. Didn't take her long to figure out that anyhouse where 2 girl old twin girls live is going to be a lot of fun. Danica and Ariel shared their toys and were very happy to be hosting a big party at their house! Poppop (Matt's dad) and Jean came along. Matt's childhood friend Jennifer Forquer came over with her new friend Jeff and a good time was had by all.

Bonding with Chi Sarah (Older sister)
My new quilt, pink Teddy and crazy straws from Poppop and Jean.

Jean and I play with a musical toy.

I climbed onto Poppop's lap.

Mike, Jennifer and Jeff (or is he a Geoff?)

I love Sarah's new cell phone!

Sarah and Danica.

Danica's "rubber band boots."

Ariel's blue boots.

That night Mom and Sarah went to a movie and Matt and Maya got ready for bed.
Maya woke up at 3am, slugged down a bottle and then was ready to party! Matt, having also given up on sleep, took Maya to Denny's at 4am! His stomach told him it was dinner time in VN!
They came back at 5am to a very grumpy, sleep deprived Mommy. At 6:30am I was out walking the streets with Maya thinking bad thoughts about 2 year old people who won't conform to an ever changing schedule.
At 11am we all headed to Pike Street Market where my mood was restored by the beautiful flowers, fruits, vegetables and fish stalls. It was almost like being back in Vietnam, just a little less crowded and not nearly as hot. Oh, and there were no vendors selling organs meats.
Flowers at Pike Street Market

Sarah's dreams of sushi!

Look at those fruits!

Chi Sarah is so much fun! We had lunch at Lowell's. Since there was no "chau" on the menu we opted for "chow-der" and Maya ate some! I've decided that clam chowder might possibly be the perfect food for underweight toddlers.
Last night we partied in our room until midnight. Then Maya slept from 1:30am until 10:30am! Mommy is feeling much better after getting her beauty sleep.
Today we are headed to Lyn and Robert's house for Memorial Day. Lyn is Dad's friend from residency. She is lots of fun and so are her two little girls, Mandy and Katie. Robert is on a fishing trip he will miss all the fun and we will miss him!

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StaceynCorey said...

Oh, your Maya has adjusted much better to the time zone difference than our Autumn. It was a very trying time and I'm so glad to hear that you are weathering it so well. Enjoy spending time with family and friends. We love Seattle. My parents are actually in CA visiting from WA and I grew up in WA too.