Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday afternoon

The planets have briefly aligned so I am using the opportunity to share with you some of the photos that I couldn't upload before. Remember how I missed a day because we couldn't get internet access in room 405? Well, now I am blogging from the lobby. Our computer quit downloading photos from our camara so Matt went out and bought a card reader. Finally, Maya is napping so here goes: First, dried beans and lentils at the market above. Hopefully a nice break from the squirmy things for all my vegetarian friends.

Here's Maya and Mommy shoe shopping. She did not point and choose like Sarah started doing at 6 months, so maybe she is just a little developementally delayed. Or maybe Sarah was just very fashionable precocious.

Two nights ago we couldn't find the cafe I ate at with Ly and Bill two years ago, so we ended up at this microbrew with awesome food. There are tanks of bia hoi (or Vietnamese beer behind us). On the table we have green mango salad in the foreground, steamed clams with lemon grass and chili at 4 o'clock, steamed chayote squash served with peanut crumbs and sesame seeds at 2 o'clock, vegetable soup at 11 o'clock (Maya liked the soup), and steamed rice at 9 o'clock. Maya is asleep on the bench next to me. She ate some soup when she woke up but turned down the steamed clams and squash.

Here we are at a Highlands Coffee cafe in Hanoi. See the incredibly handsome waiter in the red shirt and black beret? He ignored me. Just like the Highlands Coffee waitress in Saigon did. I've never been to a Starbucks that snobby! By the way, he wouldn't pose for the camara either. This photo was taken on the sly.
Here's Matt after the banana and pineapple lady plunked her hat and pole on him insisting that we take a photo. Of course, she then tried to charge me $3 for a bag of pineapple. I usually pay too much for everything instead of bartering but I got really tough and insisted on $2 max.
This is one of my favorite photos. I had to chase her two blocks to get this picture!

Okay, that catches us up to today. Here we are at lunch. 6 days ago Maya could not drink from a cup. Now she drinks from a glass, with or without the straw. Okay so half the water goes down the front of her dress but who cares?

We're so proud of ourselves! Look at that rascally rabbit smile!

Then Matt grabbed a sip of her mango smoothie. She started to climb across the table to get it!

Notice the leg on the table from her trying to climb across the table for her mango smoothie.
These photos will be great proof for the doctors in Seattle that she does not actually have jaundice from hepatitis but rather she turned yellowish orange from vitamin A toxicity!

After lunch we walked around the lake licking our ice cream cones from Fanny's (Thanks to a tip from "ladybugs" who posted a comment on our blog.) Notice Maya is fussing to get off Matt's lap so she can walk around some more. I just wanted a picture of him looking dapper in his new yellow linen shirt.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have pictures from Ha Long Bay!

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StaceynCorey said...

love it, love it, love it! Look at that little sly smile. Cutie pie!