Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Maya slept from 2am to 10:30 am! Then we said goodbye to Poppop and Jean who were driving back to Pendleton, OR.
Then we went to Lyn's house for Memorial Day. It was a laid back, catching up with old friends kind of day. Maya had fun playing with Katie and Mandy's toys. They have a dog and a cat so we attempted to gradually "densensitize" her. She is still not comfortable around them but it's a start. She was able to sit unsupported on a big kid swing and even tried to "pump" a little. Katie and Mandy introduced her to bubbles, that was a lot of fun. Tomorrow we go to U.W. for her post-placement physical.
Swinging like a big kid!

Maya learns about bubbles from Sarah and Lyn.

Mandy, 8years old, left. Katie, 5 years old, right.

Maya and Katie.

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Kelshel said...

We have that same flower print dress! So cute!